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Knit Maple Leaf Applique

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Add a touch of colourful Canada-Love to your knitting projects! This Maple Leaf Knit Applique lets you add a pop of patriotism anywhere you like and it is a FREE pattern from the Yarnspirations.com Canada 150 Lookbook. This little beauty measures in at about 5" (12.7 cm) in diameter and is the perfect size for so many applications.

At first go, I think I made about 10 of these. They work up so fast!

Okay, maybe not quite this fast, but still...

Once you knit the main part of the leaf use your hook to surface slip stitch the stem in place and get ready for some blocking.  I find that the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton blocks beautifully making the job really satisfying!

"But now that I have 1 million of these little beauties blocked and looking all crisp and Maple Leaf-y, what am I going to do with them," you ask?

These are just a few of my favorite ideas...

Bernat Handicrafter Cotton is absorbent and soft making it the perfect choice for a coaster.

Stitch It On! You can sew, or glue, these appliques onto almost anything!

Stitched onto little goody bags, these would make the perfect gift at your Canada Day Celebration!

Fascinating Fascinators! How cute is this headband!?! Simply sew through the backs of the stitches and around the band to secure the applique in place.

Festive T-shirts are easy to make. Just stitch the applique in place or, to make them removable, you could always just tack them in place with a couple of sewn stitches at each point.

I love a good throw pillow, and these are so cute they would be perfect for all year round!

These are just a few ideas and I am sure you will be able to come up with about 100 million more. This pattern is so versatile! Be sure to post your amazing creations to Instagram and tag me @midknits #midknitsmakers. I would love to see your makes!

Get the free Maple Leaf Knit Applique knitting pattern at Yarnspirations.com

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Happy Birthd-EH!

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It's Canada's 150th Birth-year and what better way to celebrate than to show off our Canadian pride with our favourite yarn-y hobbies; Knitting and Crochet! If you haven't had a chance to check out Yarnspirations Coast To Coast - Canada 150 Lookbook yet, make sure you do. It offers an array of free knit and crochet patterns that are all Canadian-centric in their design and super cute!

I was lucky enough to be asked to design some pieces for the collection and look forward to showing you some behind the scenes photos for some of the patterns soon!

Here are the pieces I was lucky enough to design! the patterns for the ccc, xxx and xxx are all available for free at Yarnspirations.com

The patterns are all available on the Yarnspirations.com website for free!

Croch-EH! Throw Pillow
A-moose-ing Knit Pillow
Lumberjack Crochet Throw
Maple Leaf Knit Applique
Crochet Buffalo Plaid Afghan

Take a look at these other amazing projects that are also available through the Coast To Coast - Canada 150  Lookbook.


Go To Seed Knit Scarf

I will definitely have to make some of these projects for myself!

Happy Knitting & Crocheting,

Be sure to post your amazing creations to Instagram and tag me @midknits #midknitsmakers. I would love to see your makes!